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Terms and conditions

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General information

We work hard to ensure that your chocolate arrives in perfect condition. From the production, to the packaging and the selection of the carrier, in each phase we put the maximum care and rigor. From the moment it leaves our store, however, your packaging will be exposed to a number of unforeseen conditions and circumstances that we cannot control. Please contact us for more information about this shipping process.

Shipping dates

Under normal circumstances, we only ship orders placed until Thursday of each week. This precaution is to prevent products from stopping at the carrierĺs warehouses over the weekend, with the risks inherent in this situation. Orders placed on Friday will be processed the following Monday. The same procedure applies on the eve of holidays or public holidays. For any other options, do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping time

Usually, orders will be shipped within 24 hours after the reception and most will have a transit time of less than 3 business days. However, once delivered to the carrier, we cannot guarantee transit time. There may be delays, especially on public holidays, so we recommend placing your order in advance. We are not directly responsible for tracking the delivery of your order, but we will share information about its status.

Delivery areas

In general, from our online store, for logistical reasons, we only ship to mainland Spain. However, in certain exceptional cases, we may also ship to other countries or regions upon customer request, reviewing the price and shipping conditions in each case. You can contact us and we will be happy to analyze the viability of your order and provide you with the best alternative according to each situation.

Summer shipments

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that the chocolate arrives in perfect condition, in periods with high temperatures. We also remind you that we cannot refund products damaged due to high temperatures. To reduce the risk of receiving melted chocolate, we use thermal packaging or refrigerated transport, if temperatures are high. This package offers additional thermal security for about 12 hours, but is not infallible if the external conditions are extreme.

Returns and changes

In compliance with the code of food hygiene and safety good practices, we cannot accept changes or returns of food products, unless we send you defective products or incorrect items. If you receive defective or incorrect goods, we will try to correct the situation as soon as possible, within 14 days. We can only accept this return if you send us a photo of the back label of the product in question within 3 days, showing the sealed codes.

Orders cancellation

If you wish to cancel or modify your order once it has been placed, you can send us an e-mail or contact us as soon as possible, within the first 8 hours after placing the order, as long as the order is not in transit. If your order has already left our facilities and has been picked up by the carrier, we will most likely not be in time to cancel the shipment of the order nor will we be able to refund your full amount.

Transportation incidents

We know that as soon as our products leave our store, they will be able to face great challenges. Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds or exchanges for damage caused during transportation, but we are available to assist you in the claim process with the carrier. Any anomalies related to the shipment must be photographed and noted on the delivery note of the carrier and must be duly signed. Send us a copy of your claim.

Incorrect addresses

It is not possible to send in the mailboxes. Make sure you provide us with the correct delivery address, be it your home, office or third party. If an order is returned for an incorrect or insufficient address, it is very likely that no compensation will be incurred by the carrier and, in addition, we will not be able to issue any refund. It is therefore essential that you provide a valid delivery address so that the carrier can find it correctly.

Stock unavailability

It is unlikely that a product visible in our online store is out of stock. However, it can happen and, if so, we suggest you replace it with another similar product, postage as soon as it is available, or keep your order as it is, only with the products available. If you have already paid for the order and it is necessary, we will refund the corresponding amount and, if applicable, the partial cost of shipping.

Payment methods

During the process of confirming your order, you will be able to use one of the different secure payment methods available. The payment gateway is developed with the technology of the online payment service provider Paypal or Stripe. You can make your payment securely by credit or debit card, with a Paypal account or even other methods depending on the country. Although secure payment is made through the Paypal or Stripe platform, it is not necessary to have an account.

Data protection

Cacao Equador, the entity responsible for this website, takes the privacy and data protection of its users seriously. This website guarantees users the privacy and security of the data provided by the various services provided. Only the data necessary for the provision of the service and in accordance with current legislation are requested and collected. If requested, the interested party has the right to obtain access, rectification or deletion of the data provided.

Contact details

We want to make sure you have an amazing and totally satisfying experience with our chocolate. Whatever the reason, feel free to contact us for help, advice or just leave your comments in our mailbox. You can check the location of all our stores as well as updated contact details from our online store. Receive our most sincere thanks in advance. Thank you for your trust.

Registered office

Cacao Equador - Roša de Santo Antonio, Lda. | Carrer Santa Clara, 44 - 17001 Girona (Spain) | info@cacaoequador.es


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